I’m a Modern and “Not So Desperate” Housewife – (not a mom). My husband and I have chosen not to have children and to live ChildFree, and as I begin my 40’s I’ve really started to appreciate the extra time to pursue a variety of activities. This year’s choices have included: wine, cheese and pasta making and organizing an 11-person cookie bake.

As a full-time personal chef to my husband, among other things, and because I don’t work outside the home, I have the luxury of the time to pursue many creative challenges in the kitchen. This past year I’ve been encouraged by friends and other local foodie to write about my adventures… so let’s see how this goes!

Yup, that’s me… not bad for a self portrait, if I do say so myself.

My background is actually in Marketing and Advertising, as well as Adult Education. And for the past 3 years I’ve gotten pretty comfortable taking care of domestic matters, but now I feel the need to experience a few, new, stimulating challenges like blogging, wine-making, and container gardening – Stay tuned.

I plan to feature my own “Lunch For 1” meals, but we do tend to eat very well around here. I may also feature my other restaurant, horticultural, social, and travel adventures as well in 2013.

As far as my experience in the kitchen… I lost my mother at age 17 and had no clue how to cook. Over the past 24 years, though I’ve had very little in the way of professional education in culinary subjects, I did glean some ‘tricks of the trade’ while living with an Executive Chef. Plus I’ve taken a variety of cooking classes over the years, and I do sooooo love to share.

Living in Winnipeg, Manitoba (right in the dead centre of Canada) makes sourcing some of the more exotic ingredients challenging from time to time, but it is definitely getting better. I was very excited to move back to the Prairies 8 years ago from Vancouver, BC on Canada’s westcoast because I am a born and bred Prairie-girl (and Roughrider fan) who is originally from Regina.

My other interests include travel, wine tasting, gardening (perennial, vegetable, and herb), my dogs, home decor and renovations, as well as many creative activities like kniting and quilting. Generally I now focus on keeping life in balance and taking time to enjoy the special moments and opportunities with friends and family members.

All Set? You Bet! Let’s Eat.

and from my very first post…

The Dedication:
I dedicate this Blog to three very special women in my life.
My mother Clarice, and my aunt Ardella, who were both amazing cooks, but who are both unfortunately no longer with us.
Thank you both for still inspiring me in the kitchen.

AND… my big sister Debra Godin, who’s birthday was the day I initially launch the first incarnation of this blog – The Not So Desperate Housewife on March 21st, 2012.

Clarice, Debra and Anna 1974

Mom and I (and my Dad) at my high school graduation, two months before she passed away.

My Auntie and I at my wedding, such a special day together

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