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5-Minute Peel&Eat Shrimp

5-Minute Peel&Eat Shrimp

Today is a very cold day in Winnipeg (woke up to -18*C). I was a “nice wife” and let my dear hubby take the car downtown to his office instead of taking the bus in the brrrr temps. So it was time to get creative for Lunch for One. Plus, I wanted to feel like I’d escaped the land-locked centre of Canada by pretending I was eating Peel&Eat Shrimp down on the warm Gulf of Mexico.

Firstly, there was no way I wanted to peel all a pound of 70/90 count shrimp before I cooked them, thus the need for an easier solution. I was also still hungry after my usual morning bowl of Cheerios, so I knew that I needed to bump up my protein intake today. Bacon was my 1st protein choice… but I’m trying to eat healthier, and to “release” some of the post-surgery weight I’ve gained. So a good ol’ fashioned shrimp boil seemed like a perfect choice!

However, I have to admit that I’ve never boiled shrimp before – I usually fry them in garlic butter. But I love the juicy shrimp rings that you eat at cocktail parties at this time of year, so I thought I’d try creating a flavourful water bath for the little guys, and here is what I came up with on the fly…

Boil – Cook – Drain – Chill – Drain – Serve

My Easy and Quick How-To:

1lb of 70/90 count unpeeled shrimp (thawed in cold water)

1/2tsp of each:
sea salt
whole peppercorns
dehydrated minced onion
red chili pepper flakes

1 star anise pod
2 bay leaves

NOTE: Double the spices if you use three or more pounds of shrimp for a party.

1. Bring the water to a boil in a small pot, with the spices. Add shrimp and cook for 90 seconds.

2. Drain in strainer. Place shrimp in an ice bath. Drain shrimp. Pick out shrimp from spices and ice cubes.

3. Serve with a store-bought tangy cocktail sauce, and enjoy! You’ll never want to buy pre-cooked shrimp again.

Healthy and Easy Lunch for One

TIP: If you are doing large quantities for a party, I’d suggest finding yourself some cheesecloth and tying up the spices in a spice bag for a quicker cleanup.

Here’s a link to My Recipe TV’s Youtube video on How to Make a Spice Bag.

Please let me know how you experimented with this recipe, and/or how you boil shrimp – wherever you may be.