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If you can’t make it to the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel…

If you can’t make it to the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel…

So if you can’t make it out to Banff this weekend for a taste-test of Executive Chef Martin Luthi’s amazing food, then perhaps you can try making it yourself at home! Yesterday I was catching up with one of my favourite daytime shows Live with Kelly (formerly Live with Regis and Kelly) on my PVR when I came across an amazing opportunity to share some great Canadian recipes from one of our country’s top vacation destinations – the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

I actually had the pleasure of attending a conference at this amazing resort in the Canadian Rocky Mountains many years ago, and I have “stomach-etching memories” of eating at both the Banff Springs and the Chateau Lake Louise going back to 1981 when I first visited them as a child.

If you’ve never been to Banff National Park then you’ve totally got to put this place on your Bucket List! The whole town is SO gorgeous and the food is amazing – I could go on and on and on…

The incomparable and iconic Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel

You may not have caught Kelly’s latest weeklong trip away from New York City (where she is based) to Banff, Alberta, Canada – but she did an amazing job of showcasing Alberta to our American friends down South. In Winnipeg, we only get her show with our Time-Shifting cable subscription, but I always try to PVR it. On her last show from Banff on April 10th she featured the resort’s culinary team along with a selection of their top seven dishes utilizing Canadian sourced ingredients. Kelly’s tasting reactions along with those of Ben Mulroney (her co-host that day) really got me craving the Banff Springs Hotel’s creations.

I can’t wait to try a few of these great dishes myself here at home.
Hmmmm… which one to start with first? Maybe the Cheese Fondue?

Using Gruyère & Emmentaler cheeses for that dusty, rarely used Fondue Set that no one seems to admit to owning...

So in case you missed it, click the links below to try out these great recipes for yourself…

Salmon Bouillabaisse
Cheese Fondue
Alberta Beef Carpaccio
Elk Tenderloin With Black Trumpet Mushrooms
Bison Short Ribs With Barely Risotto, Seasonal Root Vegetables, Birch Syrup Glaze
Rainbow Trout with Squid Ink Cavatteli, Swiss Chard and Mussel Butter
Maple Dessert Recipes

For images of each of these dishes, please visit Chad Rubel’s Blog: Balance of Food
as the show didn’t include the yummy images from the TV segment along with the above recipe links.


The Salmon Bouillabaisse is actually part of the Fairmont’s Lifestyle Cuisine Plus menu selections, and Chef Luthi stated that the caloric count for that particular figure-friendly dish was about 350 calories. It’s SO refreshing to see high-end restaurants incorporating delicious meals designed around guests’ diet-dependent requirements. Fairmont’s program now includes the following accommodations for their dining guests:

Heart disease or high blood pressure
Celiac disease (cannot tolerate gluten) or gastrointestinal disorders
Food allergies or sensitivities

As part of Lifestyle Cuisine Plus, we also cater to those following more specialized diets, such as:

Raw food


I, myself cannot wait to get back to the Banff Spring Hotel very very soon to “eat my heart out”! See you again soon Banff – one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

What is at the top of the list for your choice for the most beautiful place in Canada?
Please feel free to share your comments below…