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Anna’s Kitchen Tip #2 – Keeping Celery Fresh


I started keeping my fresh celery in aluminum foil many years ago
because it stays so nice and crisp for a very long time.
If you don’t like limp celery, give it a try!

Aluminum foil keeps celery fresher longer

Aluminum foil keeps celery fresher longer

Did you know that?

Do you have a kitchen tip for keeping veggies fresher longer?
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Anna’s Kitchen Tips 2012

Instead of keeping your pound of butter whole in the fridge, cut it into 1 tablespoon sized cubes (approximately).

Then you can easily add a pat of butter to your fry pan for sauteing vegetables, or to melt over top fresh asparagus.

My hubby likes to steal one to melt in a ramekin in the microwave to drip over his popcorn.

Pre-cutting your 1lb. of Butter
saves you time and clean up

Save Time | Save Energy | Save Space | Save Clean Up Time | Save Yourself Hassles

Anna’s Kitchen Tip #1